Duck Duck Go – No real reason to add this here but I figure they need more Press! I’ll use Google, DuckDuckGo and Wikipedia for all basic or, quick searches on anything which sparks my curiosity.

World Cat – Find Items in Libraries Near you. Good resource to be aware of for Researchers.

Zen of Makaveli Blog– This blog is filled with some really great work and perspectives on different aspects of popular culture, history, philosophy, symbolism, numerology and other esoteric themes and subjects. Lots of great original work by the author.

The Lady of the Lake Blog – A Blog written by a like-minded, out of the box and original thinker with some great knowledge and information in the Posts.

Riding The Beast – Numbers – A Great website in general and thanks to the author of the Zen of Makaveli Blog for pointing me to this site. It’s a great reference for the associated meanings (primarily Biblical meanings) linked to various Numbers. Great information on Numerology and Gematria as well on this site.

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