Thoughts on Blog Posts, Journalism, Truth and An Excerpt from my Book

November 28th, 2020

The Sun’s Corona is the outer atmosphere of the Sun. Symbolically, the artist within me cannot help but see how it is most visible during a total eclipse of the Sun. The same way that Truth – if represented by Light symbolically – may be covered or, concealed by deception – displacing and pushing light (truth) to the outer boundaries of society and the world’s populations. Outside of view, far away from immediate access and almost entirely out of reach by the mass of people enveloped in darkness (deception).


Earlier this year, after I had purchased this domain and settled on a site name to eventually set up this website. My expectation was that I would be able to use it to develop find a use for various material and ideas which might not or, would not make their way into the book I am currently writing which is at the moment titled, The Chain. My hope was that I could use some of the ideas – which would still have value – but just didn’t make the cut into my draft. I could then develop them into Blog Posts to help showcase my thinking and my writing – which would only advance my ambitions as a writer.

After I quickly churned out my initial “Introductory” Blog Post about my self, I attempted to write another Blog about how strange this year – 2020 – has been and to share my thoughts on the Corona Virus Pandemic are and how I feel this whole scenario relates to Censorship, Free Speech, Free Choice and the overall well being of our Society and our World as regards to Truth and Truth Seeking.

The Blog Post in general was new territory for me and after having what I had written be up for a few days, I took the post down because I felt it was slightly biased and even pre-mature in nature. I realized that what I didn’t like about my Post was what I didn’t like about the Media and Journalism in general in our society today across the board.

I was being overly prejudicial and I was trying to make fun of Politicians, People and Professionals in our Society to try to make something appealing for viewers or, readers by venting sensational opinions and temporary feelings which would likely change. For a brief moment, I caught myself trying to be something I wasn’t and realized how dangerous and contagious the irresponsible journalism which dominates our news cycles and world today can be to the mind of anyone who just wants to know the facts.

To be able to just see things as they are – without extra color or, unnecessary slants and biases – seems to be more necessary than ever before.


Let these words be a clue about what my book is really about and also how the deepest mysteries of the universe can so easily be both concealed and revealed by humanity, for humanity and against humanity.

The lack of objective journalism and speech is major theme of my book. How speech or, expression is handled or, mishandled in our society and our history is deeply impactful on how we view Truth. To anyone who views Truth as the ultimate objective in our search for meaning or, answers – can see that opinions – while they are important expressions of our thoughts – can easily become toxic and even divisive – especially if they are not balanced by sufficient objective thinking. We are seeing a lot of this division today in our societies, in our news media and in our own lives. I felt that my skills as an observer, thinker, interpreter and writer would be better served by focusing on honing the clear and primary vision of my Book and all of its objectives first.

Depending on how they are expressed, opinions do not always help to light a path towards Truth and genuine understanding – which was the primary driving force of my writing in the first place. In addition to this, I didn’t feel opinion based writing was something I was good at – at least for now. I felt more comfortable writing the way I had been writing in the confines of my book which can tend to be more philosophical, objective and literary. These are things which have always come more easily to me.


So, I found it would be best if I viewed and treated the website as an experiment. I figured I would continue writing my book, churning out and refining my daily output as I usually do and if some spark or, idea came to me which could not fit into any section or, chapter of my book – I could just add it here – the way I had originally intended. I felt more comfortable serving the primary goal of completing my book anyway. I also decided to eventually add Excerpts which might be useful ways to showcase my writing and also add content to my site without forcing me to write about things in a forced way.

So, a few weeks back, I had some ideas and thoughts about Corona Virus which I wrote about as I developed one of the chapters and themes of my book. I figured it might be worth it to share the excerpt as a Blog Post and so I am now including an Excerpt from The Chain from a Chapter titled, “Divide and Prosper” here below:



However, in those cases – any alternative may have better than the reality which the people of that nation or, country had faced up through the alternative offered. If circumstances become so negative and hopeless and people are desperate enough – then what people may never have even considered settling for in better times they would enthusiastically and happily accept and settle for in darker times. In this respect, distorting, deceiving, demeaning and demoralizing have excellent strategic benefits for anyone seeking to secure or, retain power.  

So, even…

“In the land of the Blind, the One-eyed Man is King”

  • Desiderius Erasmus

The meaning of this excellent and profound phrase may be varied and dependent on the mind and context of the interpreter.  In my view, at least one of the phrases meanings might be that in a land of darkness – even half of the truth or, light is preferred over none at all. If one can understand this phrase then one can understand how deception functions and may benefit ill causes by creating confusion, fog, distortion and darkness.

At the time of writing this book – which has been overcast by the specter of a global pandemic caused by a virus known as COVID-19 also known as the Coronavirus. A part of my analytical mind, the frame and the lens through which I have literally lived and seen through for most of the period of writing this book – cannot restrain me from seeking some breakdown of some symbolic meaning of its terminology.

A Corona, apart from meaning Crown in Latin and its offspring, ‘romance’ languages also possesses an astronomical meaning:

“the rarefied gaseous envelope of the sun and other stars. The sun’s corona is normally visible only during a total solar eclipse, when it seen as an irregularly shaped pearly glow surrounding the darkened disk of the moon”

Although it is only speculation, the creative and literary part of my mind is trained to recognize and interpret language, meanings, symbols and patterns in society and history. I cannot help but bridge some of the meaning and symbolism of a few of the themes of this book. One theme being the Age of Deception which symbolically is a form of shadow and darkness – and try to align and make sense of the dominating “Narratives” which attempt to explain current global events. As if an eclipse has been cast over humanity with the light of Truth being relegated to the fringes and outer boundaries of the masses – outside their grasp and purview – and obscured into a higher privilege rather than a basic fundamental human right.

The straightforward meaning of an Eclipse has some curious overlap with the darker aspects of human behavior which in some circles can be used with positive intentions. Terms such as –Blocking—Covering –Obscuring –Hiding –Concealing –Veiling –Shrouding –Darkening –Occultation.

This last term is often rarely used the masses and it is for a reason. Occult simply means hidden and historically, knowledge had to be hidden or, even obscured through analogy and metaphor – as it is hidden in literature and philosophical or, spiritual texts such as the Bible and the works of Plato and Aristotle – in order to be preserved.



It is important to keep in mind that my book is still being written and is in preliminary stages and as a result will be edited and refined as time goes on. Please also keep in mind that I do not believe that Corona Virus is a fake or, fabricated disease – as I do not believe this can proven by an individual citizen such as myself. I do believe however that the pandemic of fear and hysteria surrounding the response to the virus might actually be a much bigger kind of pandemic and disease. A disease of the mind, since through fear we unknowingly limit our own mind’s capacity and consequently our own freedoms.

Note that it is my fundamental right to examine, analyze and question how information and knowledge is handled and disseminated to the masses of people and to search for meaning and truth in the language and explanations used and transmitted by our News and Journalism outlets as long as I am not harming anyone or, violating anyone’s rights.

I hope to add more Excerpts and/or Blog Posts in the future. Thanks for reading!


Published by Graham Ranseen

I am an aspiring writer working on a forthcoming book called, The Chain - about the connections and the overlap between Art, Truth, Spirituality and Identity and how these themes have conflicted or, have become blurred throughout History, Society and Culture. I work a Full Time job and created this Blog to capture and /or develop some of the ideas which - either temporarily or, permanently - might not make their way into my book and also as an aide to help me sustain the daily grind of a writer's routine. If I am not updating this Blog frequently it probably means that my time and my writing is being confined to my book.

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