Straight Into the Heart of Truth


Graham Ranseen

August 19th, 2021

There has never been another time in our history as a species – as far as we know or, as the records show – in which human beings have been impelled or, even required to interact with more ‘things’, more ‘data’ or, just more of each other than ever before. The pace and speed of our world and its burgeoning technologies are blinding us, creating and giving us new problems while we are foolishly preoccupied with believing previous problems are quickly being resolved. Instead, with more circumstances interacting with each other, more often and at an increasingly faster pace, we are more confused, isolated and depressed than ever before.

While we clear the path of older obstacles – new obstacles seem to immediately arise. Much like a parachute, when the air remaining within its boundaries is lain sprawled on the ground –  is stomped on to be flattened or, stabilized – the air we thought we had expelled simply moves – is displaced – and raises within another part of the parachute. When we think our problems have gone away – if we expand our vision and enhance our mind’s comprehension – we might realize and see that they may have just gone somewhere else.

This is why I believe knowing and seeing Truth is so important to the wellbeing and welfare of our species. There is a resolution and a peace which can be attained only by knowing the whole truth. It is a requirement of Nature or, the Universe that we use our intuition, our feelings as well as our brains or, quite simply, the WHOLE of all that we are to see, detect and know truth.

Scientists are now discovering that the universe is infinitely expanding and contracting at an infinite pace – much like a series of infinite heartbeats – occurring incessantly – similar to the incessant blinking of a film projector and providing us with the illusion of a physical existence1. However, philosophers and thinkers from the Renaissance period and even in ancient times had already known or, intuited this knowledge2. There are ways to get straight to the heart of truth simply by ‘Seeing’ or, through utilizing one’s internal faculties – which I believe most people are secretly craving and desiring in our modern age of excess.

 In today’s world, we can all sense it – we can feel it – we know it. That we are in dire need of Truth. The Truth of what you might ask? Everything – Anything – Something – as long as its Real!

There is simply too much noise. Too much confusion. Too much of everything except that which settles our minds, enhances our peace and actually gives our bodies the rest we actually need.

This conflict between Truth and Lies (Deception) or, Heart and Head, Good and Evil is nothing new – it is in fact representative of the central themes of the human condition or, on a metaphysical level – of the Universe and its Eternal Consciousness.


I suspect that artists, creators or, writers more specifically might be involved in this type of conflict more than most – which is seen more especially within anyone who values their hearts, feelings, emotions and wishes to ‘feel’ the impact of the world gain deeper insights into the universal consciousness or, the human condition. From saints, prophets or, just anyone among us who opens their hearts – we can feel its rewards but also must risk feeling its pangs of pain.

For some, to those who care deeply, the pain is worth the benefits of being able to access to higher or, deeper Truths.  

As the world Renaissance which occurred between approximately between the centuries between 1300 – 1600 C.E. revealed to us – the Artist is much like a new age Saint, Prophet or, Magician3. The power of the Arts and their catalyzing the growth and expansion of human consciousness in the past seven hundred years or, more is plain evidence of this.

The conflicts within our hearts are representative or, an insight given to us by the Universe, God or, Nature as a clue through which to evolve and perfect our condition or, species.


As I reflected on this dilemma recently, I was reminded of a fascinating piece of writing I had come across many years ago while in College4.

In a letter to Nathanial Hawthorne in June of 18515, Herman Melville – one of the finest writers and thinkers humanity has ever known – expressed in a casual but powerful way, this central conflict which every human being struggles with in one way or, another for nearly every moment of every day of their lives.

Melville at this time was nearly finished with his masterpiece, and also one of the most important works in the history of literature, Moby Dick, so his mind was likely deeply focused on Truth and the deepest  mysteries of the Universe which he was ruminating and brooding on daily, endlessly and incessantly.

Melville realized that when creating something of true and lasting value, one must follow their heart but also risk not receiving praise, “Though I wrote the Gospels in this century, I should die in the gutter.” Indeed, as an aside, Melville eventually drifted into obscurity in his later life, working as an old man as a clerk in a post office even after writing the masterpieces which were only rediscovered and paid their dues in the early 20th century.

Back to Melville’s letter, in this state of mind, Melville was writing about how he struggled between maintaining the balance between heart and head in his writing as well as in his life:

It is a frightful poetical creed that the cultivation of the brain eats out the heart. But it’s my prose opinion that in most cases, in those men who have fine brains and work them well, the heart extends down to hams. And though you smoke them with the fire of tribulation, yet, like veritable hams, the head only gives the richer and the better flavor. I stand for the heart. To the dogs with the head! I had rather be a fool with a heart, than Jupiter Olympus with his head. The reason the mass of men fear God, and at bottom dislike Him, is because they rather distrust His heart, and fancy Him all brain like a watch.”

[Emphasis of emboldened text – my own]

Even more fascinating is how Melville describes his delayed or, latent development in life:

“My development has been all within a few years past. I am like one of those seeds taken out of the Egyptian Pyramids, which, after being three thousand years a seed and nothing but a seed, being planted in English soil, it developed itself, grew to greenness, and then fell to mould. So I. Until I was twenty-five, I had no development at all. From my twenty-fifth year I date my life. Three weeks have scarcely passed, at any time between then and now, that I have not unfolded within myself. “

Just a bit later in the letter, Melville describes how the German author, Goethe advised others to “live in the All” or to expand one’s self, to separate and step outside of one’s self. This is the path toward Objectivity rather to be stuck in Subjectivity as I have previously described in one of my first blog posts. It is clear that Melville was intensely exploring many ideas at once and going in many different directions to understand how or, why he was expanding his consciousness so late in life! This is something which mirrors my own life and my own realizations and understanding which occurred much later than the probably should have. I feel in a strange way however, that those who develop or, bloom late are often still deeply linked to their hearts or, intuitions – a connection which many who grow up too quickly often lose too soon – and perhaps those who grow slowly and deliberately, might see more purposefully and also see more of the bigger picture as a result.

I can also relate quite deeply to Melville’s intensity of spirit and desire as well as inspiration for friendship as a motivator to find deeper means of expressing one’s self.  I do not find it ironic at all that Melville was inspired to completely revamp the traditional surface level prose he wrote for the public in books such as Typee, Omoo, Mardi, Redburn and White Jacket – and completely flip the script to write something such as Moby Dick – which may have all been spurned and sparked by the possibility of a friendship with another writer in Hawthorne.  

The books I mentioned above which Melville wrote prior to Moby Dick are indeed good reads and quite enjoyable – but do not delve deeply into the mysteries or, the truths of the Universe in the way that Moby Dick has been able to.

Those who believe deeply in the field of Astrology believe that through the signs and insignia of astronomical patterns – the Cosmos or, the Universe is attempting to ‘know’ itself and the universal consciousness or, God – creates with this aim in mind!

So, through the infinite combinations which occur in nature, the purpose or, aim of the consciousness which flows through us is understanding and redemption. I believe this! These truths and these aims flow through each one of us.

This desire to express one’s self or, to know one’s self while looking toward ‘being understood’ by another human being is a great spark for great ideas and expressions to rise to the surface or, simply to be invented. Some of the greatest writing I have done has been in communication with a kindred spirit or, even just someone I assume or, expect to understand what I might feel or, think. The ‘Hope’ that I might be understood or, heard is what inspires anyone who is compelled to communicate something of value. The deeper one goes, the greater the potential reward.

The desire to be understood or, the desire to see one’s self is linked to our ability to find meaning through knowing Truth.


This brings to my mind once again, the power of objectivity – another way to access Truth quicker and more efficiently – to separate out from one’s self – to be completely objective and strip one’s self of all biases and prejudices. There is a freedom which comes from intuitive and non-judgmental thinking which is pure and this purity can lead one directly into the heart of Truth! I sincerely believe that simply by Not judging and Not having any preferences or, opinions if one is able to be completely objective – one can access Truth more quickly. Outside of Ego, outside of Pride, outside of even having a sense of Self!

“There is a freedom which comes from intuitive and non-judgmental thinking which is pure and this purity can lead one directly into the heart of Truth!”


The problem with our modern world and its Deceptions, Schemes, Special Interests and the Darkness it all creates – is that it takes away from our ‘Seeing’ the whole of Truth, the whole of the big picture.

Once again, I do not wish to raise controversy in the context of this article  – which I feel may best be served to remain as is – and general enough to be safely perused and understood without inciting any violent emotions in the reader which may engage their biases or, opinions.

However, I do believe – as referenced in my article and commentary on Journalism, Truth and the modern reactions to world problems – that there are vast irregularities in which human beings are viewing, seeing and accessing truth in today’s world.

Consider how anything can be True and even False simultaneously. The fact that there might be millions of ants, insects, bugs and termites in the walls or, bottom of our homes is TRUE but it is not the ONLY TRUTH! It is also True that there is strong insulation in our homes and the infrastructure and materials which our homes are built from are durable and strong enough to endure and remain intact for decades if not centuries.

If we are to argue and say this truth about the fear of a million insects isn’t completely true and we should be safe – wouldn’t faith in the infrastructure and strength of the foundations of our home be enough to convince most people that we will be okay? If you believed in your homes inherent strength – would you expect any pushback? Typically, we would not – However, the danger of our modern age is that the mob can carry with it the liberating spirit of truth or, it can carry the hellish fire of ignorance – and whichever gets more attention is often what is spread fastest – which is a dangerous reality to live in.

Those who live in fear may be compelled to object mindlessly and point to the FACT that there are insects and zoom in on them, magnifying them into the size of a monstrosity – but the perspective is skewed with bias, it is all camera angles or, a matter of Perspective. Just because I choose to stare at something in the corner of a room doesn’t mean its the only object worth considering in the room!

The reason artists and writers are the scribes for humanity and write our history is because they can see, comprehend and imply as many or, ALL things at once. The works of Shakespeare or, even the works of the major religious texts of our world are powerful and effective because they contain ALL and imply ALL and as a result, have more Universal Appeal. A greater and broader Perspective.

It is always about Perspective when it comes to understanding the unique human condition.

So, if all we heard or, were bombarded by every single day of our lives on television was that there were millions of insects or, bugs or, termites in our walls or, below the surface of our homes – would we be telling the WHOLE Truth? And if we were told this Truth over and over and over and over again to the point that we had to walk around in our homes with extra clothing, sprays, masks and living in fear that we could not go outside. Would we be living in an honest and truthful society?

Please understand that I do believe insects are real – and they can harm us – but the threat of insects should not overtake our ability to live our lives freely and without Fear!

Just because something is True on a microcosmic level does not mean it is true within every context or, on a macrocosmic level! In order for something to be completely true it must be true in EVERY CONTEXT! Not just one or, a few CONTEXTS!!!


Consider for example how a Full Chain of Events has an origin and an end. If I only shared with you one part or, a few links in the chain – out of context – and told you to focus only on this one part and to not consider anything else – would you not be confused? Would you not feel deceived? Would you not be curious of the beginning or, end of what you believe or, are told to believe in?

Would you favor the Partial Truth over the Whole Truth? Over and over? Every Day? If it meant that it restricted your comprehension – which drives your opportunities, your knowledge and your life?



Seeking to know the Whole Truth is Imperative to a healthy society and the sane functioning of our world, our species and our wellbeing.

So, we must See, Feel, Detect and know the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth! So help us God!

Let us not forget to use our Hearts – since our intuition flows in all directions as water – and allows us to see and know all! Not everything can be seen or, documented, so many of the truths we live by are based in our hearts and our intuitions and we don’t even properly acknowledge them! This is a shame. It is a travesty!

Just as in the parachute example I cited above. We must desire to increase and enhance our mind’s comprehension and the power and depth of our vision, so that we can see how far our problems actually do extend and that by ignorantly banishing our problems from our immediate space, we are not just giving them to someone or, something else – irresponsibly and unknowingly. We must realize we are all connected, linked and are responsible for each other and must communicate honestly and truthfully with one another – as much as we are capable of doing – even if it is through the guise of deception or, through the truths buried within fiction, myth and allegory.

So, deep, at the heart of Truth – we must understand that we desire to see ourselves – we desire to see each other – through our minds as well as our hearts and one day attaining the perfect peace and pure ecstasy of seeing the whole picture and knowing the whole truth – endlessly and for all Eternity! It is what sustains us and holds us all together and something we must fight to keep and maintain as a population and species. So, please never forget that there is an entire chain of events to everything we do and everywhere we have come from – and we must fight to see this complete picture every day, every year, every generation and every century into eternity and for as long as we have this precious gift of life!


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  4. It was in the Spring of 2004


Published by Graham Ranseen

I am an aspiring writer working on a forthcoming book called, The Chain - about the connections and the overlap between Art, Truth, Spirituality and Identity and how these themes have conflicted or, have become blurred throughout History, Society and Culture. I work a Full Time job and created this Blog to capture and /or develop some of the ideas which - either temporarily or, permanently - might not make their way into my book and also as an aide to help me sustain the daily grind of a writer's routine. If I am not updating this Blog frequently it probably means that my time and my writing is being confined to my book.

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