The Chain

A Unique Glimpse of What Is Coming!!


Graham Ranseen

September 15th, 2021

It must be an agonizing destiny for a Soul – or, a Name – to remain unknown, invalidated and unredeemed for years, decades and in some cases – centuries.

Imagine if the labors one put forward in one lifetime or, century fed the minds and hearts of the people for infinite lifetimes or, the centuries to come – yet one’s proper dues and the recognition which was duly theirs was withheld – due perhaps to some cruel twist of Fate, a bizarre Reckoning or, even due to the cruel and cold price of a dark Bargain!

Imagine if your own life was overshadowed by your own creations – might this prove that one’s actions exceed the value of their name or, their reputation?

Does it matter if our Name is linked to our Works?

What is the purpose of a Name?

Has any artist ever sought to understand this dilemma?

What’s In a Name?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet;”

Shakespeare, William. Romeo and Juliet, Act II, Scene II, lines 47-48.

We all know the name of the poet who composed these lines….

ORDo We?

There may be more than a few secrets within the story I am currently composing and will be told within the confines of my book, The Chain – the central themes of which have been in my mind and in my heart since 2006 and 2007 (well over 15 years) and perhaps – in seed form – for the duration of my entire life.

There are some ideas, some truths and some events which due to the weight of ignorance or, darkness that might engulf and surround them – due to their depth or, essential value – become buried within the affairs of the world and all of the entanglements we as human beings create – both intentionally and accidentally. Waiting in darkness to become known or, understood at just the right time or, perhaps – waiting for the right time to become known.

I believe that there is a mystery and a deep secret which is still waiting in purgatorial agony to become redeemed and to be known. Our History and our Species both demands and needs its Truth and I believe this Mystery and this Truth may help shed light on a number of modern problems – as well as reframe and contextualize a number of issues (Spiritual and Political) plaguing our modern societies.


Something buried deep within the Akashic Sea

Being agitated by the combined forces of fate, chance, and necessity

Has detached from the concealed symmetry and quiet solitude

Of its deep-sea Coral Nest

The species wherein it has resided in anonymous perfection for centuries

And is now making its rapid ascent to the surface of our Consciousness

Where I have anticipated and expected its arrival

Being of the few who has glimpsed its Truth

And so perhaps chosen to not only See but also Speak

And communicate its purpose

To be understood and ultimately redeemed

 From the Chains and Bonds of Purgatorial Agony

And Our shared Ignorance

From over 20 generations of Concealment

Only our collective and temperate indulgence of this Truth

Might ultimately Set it Free!


The English Translator, Poet and Playwright – Christopher Marlowe – Aged 21 – circa 1585.
Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, England.

“Quod me Nutri me Destruit”
“That which Nourishes me Destroys me”

The above proverb is inscribed on Marlowe’s portrait. Bear in mind that it is highly probable that Christopher Marlowe invented this Proverb as no one knows its origin.

(If anyone does – please email me!)

Perhaps Marlowe did Grow into the Poet everyone expected him to become – under a Different Name
Christopher Marlowe was the First to Dramatize the Faust Legend in the Late 1580’s / Early 1590’s


Published by Graham Ranseen

I am an aspiring writer working on a forthcoming book called, The Chain - about the connections and the overlap between Art, Truth, Spirituality and Identity and how these themes have conflicted or, have become blurred throughout History, Society and Culture. I work a Full Time job and created this Blog to capture and /or develop some of the ideas which - either temporarily or, permanently - might not make their way into my book and also as an aide to help me sustain the daily grind of a writer's routine. If I am not updating this Blog frequently it probably means that my time and my writing is being confined to my book.

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